Farmageddon - The frenetic farming game

Created by Phillip Kilcrease

Farmageddon - The frenetic farming game
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1,243 backers pledged $25,274.67 on Kickstarter

Plant and harvest crops for fun and profit! Failing that, steal or blow up your neighbor's crops instead. That'll show 'em!

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$25,274.67 / 1,243 backers
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$599.00 / 1,090 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: January 2014
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Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded
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Crow & the Pitcher
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Castle Dash
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Farmageddon: The FrankenCrops
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Jungle Ascent
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Baldrick's Tomb
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Smash Monster Rampage
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Smash Monster Rampage: RAMPAGER Edition