Farmageddon - The frenetic farming game

Created by Phillip Kilcrease

Farmageddon - The frenetic farming game
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1,243 backers pledged $25,274.67 on Kickstarter

Plant and harvest crops for fun and profit! Failing that, steal or blow up your neighbor's crops instead. That'll show 'em!

Raised in Kickstarter
$25,274.67 / 1,243 backers
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$599.00 / 1,088 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: January 2014
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Will ship immediately. An extra copy of the frenetic farming game!
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Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded
An extra copy of Livestocked and Loaded beyond the copies you will receive for backing Farmageddo... more »
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A poster of the Farmageddon cover. Now sold out. PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE IF YOU ORDERED A POSTER OU... more »
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Crow & the Pitcher
Will ship immediately. The trick taking game for those clever as a crow. Work together to matc... more »
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Castle Dash
Uploads 2fbcfb6a6a73a756d89ad356109efa57f5 2fpack 20front 20cover legacy square thumb
Farmageddon: The FrankenCrops
An extra copy of The FrankenCrops beyond the copies you will receive for backing Farmageddon. ... more »
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Jungle Ascent
Will ship immediately. It's a race to the top of the Cliffs of Frab to score the Ultimate Trea... more »
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Baldrick's Tomb
Will ship immediately. The rogue-like dungeon crawl! Race through Baldrick's Tomb and gathe... more »
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Smash Monster Rampage
Will ship by end of January 2015. Defend a fully 3D city from a giant monster in this fully co... more »
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Smash Monster Rampage: RAMPAGER Edition
Will ship by end of January 2015. Defend a fully 3D city from a giant monster in this fully co... more »

Learn About Our Project:

OVERFUND GOAL 1: $6000 - Grumpy Melon Seeds for all! SUCCESS!

OVERFUND GOAL 2: $8500 - FrankenCrops expansion in every printed copy of Farmageddon forever! SUCCESS!

OVERFUND GOAL 3: $25K - Livestocked and Loaded expansion for every backed copy of Farmageddon!

Howdy, y'all!

Thanks for havin' a look at Farmageddon, the frenetic farming game. This here's 5th Street's third Kickstarter project, and with YOUR help, we can be 3 for 3 for having successful projects.

Farmageddon started as a self-published title by Grant Rodiek with artwork by the talented Brett Bean. After over a year of development and refinement, we picked it up for publication!

Farmageddon on Board Game Geek

Farmageddon Designer Diary on Board Game Geek

Farmageddon Reviews:

"It is literally that smooth of gameplay, that it just keeps going and seems to end too soon... 9.5/10" - Knate Baker

"Farmageddon is a hilarious, action-packed experience that is a whole lot of fun." - I Slay The Dragon

"Farmadeggon falls somewhere between “brilliant” and “awesome” on my game scale." - Father Geek  (Note that the previous review was for an earlier version of the game; it's even BETTER now with new cards and mechanics.)

"I know a lot of people love the artwork in Bohnanza but Farmageddon completely blows it out of the water." ... "So what do I think of the game? In short, I love it." - Jim Jamieson

"But all in all I enjoyed every second of it and I would play this over Bohnanza anytime - yes, I am a sucker for theme." Ben,

"Overall, Farmageddon is a highly enjoyable and versatile game; I have used it on nights where I just want a fun, light-hearted affair in addition to breaking it out as a gateway game for the non-gamers in my family." - Games & Grub

"Even though I destroyed [my opponent], this game still has a very family friendly feel to it. The card art is really nice and enjoyable, and the game is quick to learn. I’m really looking forward to the additional cards that were revealed as an overfunding goal on Kickstarter." - JTagmire, Championland

"We highly recommend it. It's a good, accessible game at a good, accessible price. Do it" - Cherilyn & Chris Kirkman, Dice Hate Me

Farmageddon on the Blogs & 'Casts:

Grant Rodiek appeared on the podcast, "Dice Hate Me", by Cherilyn & Chris Kirkman: Dice Hate Me State of Games

Grant and Phil appeared on the podcast, "Funding the Dream", by Richard Bliss:

Grant wrote an in-depth Designer Diary for the fine folks at Games and Grub,

Grant interviewed with Bellwether Games last year, as well. You can read it here: Bellwether Games

What yer backin'

When you back Farmageddon, all funds will go toward production and shipping of the game and any future 5th Street projects.

What yer gettin'

When you back Farmageddon, you'll receive a discounted price of $12 per copy instead of the retail price of $15 along with free domestic shipping (or reduced cost international shipping).

You'll also receive a PDF copy of the game to tide you over so you can start stealing each other's crops right away while you wait for your official copies to arrive on your doorstep, which should be by July.

This edition will also feature linen finish cards and a fancier box than previous editions, too.

POSTER KICKER: You can also get an 11x17 poster with your reward by adding $7 to your backing. This is what you'll be getting a poster of:

(Click to enbiggen)

Also, if'n you want a copy of our other titles, Castle Dash or Crow and the Pitcher, just add:

  • $20 for Castle Dash
  • $10 for Crow and the Pitcher

and email us to notate your account accordingly.

Overfund Goals

Goal 1: $6000 - Grumpy Melon watermelon seeds. Everyone who backs us at least at the "FARM FUTURES" level will receive one pack of Grumpy Melon watermelon seeds per copy to grow yer own Grumpy Melons. Just add water, fertilizer, ...and maybe some magic marker.

Goal 2: $8500 - The FrankenCrops. Every copy of Farmageddon ever printed will come with 10 wonky crops for when you have the basic game down. (See early sketches of the crops here!)

From left to right: Communal Pumpkin, Bodacious Broccoli, Riled Rice, Jazzy Coffee Bean, Flame Fruit.
You can see more about the FrankenCrops in this update.
Goal 3: $25K - The Livestocked and Loaded expansion. Every backed physical copy of Farmageddon will receive the Livestocked and Loaded expansion when the expansion is finished. You can see more about it in this update.


Thanks again fer checkin' out Farmageddon. We hope you join us in makin' this fine game a reality. Be sure to check out the rules and join us on Twitter at @krinklechip (the publisher) and @HerrohGrant (the designer) to ask any questions!